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More details on attaching files

After you have uploaded files, here is one way to create a link on the associated wiki page:

  1. Click on the "files" link at the bottom of your page. Make sure that each filename includes its extension (such as ".ppt" for a MSPowerPoint file, or ".pdf" for an Adobe Acrobat file, etc.) If the extension is not there, use the "options" link that is on the same line as your file, click on "rename" and enter a name with the proper extension.
  2. Rght-click on the filename and choose to "Copy link location".
  3. Click on "edit" on wiki page, then on the" URL link wizard" (in the second row of editing icons, it's the 7th icon), paste the url in the first box, type in the title of your file in the second box, select the check box, and click on "insert code".
  4. Preview the results to see that everything looks OK, then click on save (or make further changes).
Re: Starting your own page by BCICBCIC, 17 Jun 2008 15:25

Starting a new page:

To create your own new page, start by entering a name for the page (like "Isaac Newton's page") in the "Add a new page" box at left, then click on the "new page" button. You should be taken to a page with the name you chose, and you can enter text.

You can put in links—the useful buttons on the edit page have icons that look roughly like two links of a chain.

Attaching files

You can attach files (such as photos or presentation files) to any existing page. So once you have saved the initial content of your page, click on the "files" button at the bottom of the page and the upload a file from your computer. (Keep the file extension as part of the name.) After attaching the file, you can edit your page and insert that file or a link to that file into your wiki page.

Page tag

After you create a personal page for yourself, click on the Tag button on the bottom of your page and use "personal" as your page tag , and if you included photos, you can also use the tag "pictures".

Starting your own page by BCICBCIC, 08 Jun 2008 14:54

I always enjoy hearing Pat McKeague speak. I hope you all take advantage of the resources he has provided on his wiki page.

Pat McKeague's presentations by BCICBCIC, 08 Jun 2008 14:38

I was aware of remarkably few problems with equipment or transportation. The few times we had questions about facilities, Shawna and her team were able to make things work. The wireless access everywhere was very nice.

The PPCC van and Rob Kimball's rental car were enough to shuttle the out-of-towners without cars to PPCC, the hotel, and the Friday evening picnic at the Garden of the Gods. (The picnic and hike were great fun, extra thanks for the PPCC folks for providing the food and the guided walk!)

I really appreciated the hospitality room: coffee, water, snacks. Thanks also to Gwen Wiley for arranging perfect weather.

Local logistics by BCICBCIC, 08 Jun 2008 14:33
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