Wyoming Project

Team Wyoming Declares 2008-2009 the Year of Algebra

This page will eventually contain

  1. information about the WY team members
  2. information about the WY team algebra project(s)
  3. documents in preparation for the projects
  4. updates on team results

These and other internal items can be found on the "WY Algebra Balckboard", a secure site maintained by Cheryl Raboin and Chuck Creagar at EWC. To obtain login privileges, contain either Cheryl or Chuck (see below). Click here for the login page.

1. Team members. Ex-officio members include others who have joined the project developed at the June 2008 BC workshop.

Team Member e-mail College Affiliation Comment
Kendall Jacobs ude.egellocrepsac|sbocajk#ude.egellocrepsac|sbocajk Casper College WCTM President-elect
Debra Swedberg moc.liamtoh|38godyffud#moc.liamtoh|38godyffud Casper College WYMATYC President & CC Math Dept Head
Jack Webb ten.nanserb|bbew_kcaj#ten.nanserb|bbew_kcaj Casper College
Val Harris ude.cwc|sirrahv#ude.cwc|sirrahv Central Wyoming College Past-president WYMATYC
Carol Rardin ude.cwc|nidrarc#ude.cwc|nidrarc Central Wyoming College CWC Math Dept Head
Lloyd Meredith moc.pscbirt|mdyoll#moc.pscbirt|mdyoll Central Wyoming College also math faculty at Riverton HS
Cheryl Raboin ude.yw.cwe|niobaR.lyrehC#ude.yw.cwe|niobaR.lyrehC Eastern WY College contact for login to WY Algebra Blackboard
Bob Creagar ude.yw.cwe|ragaerc.bob#ude.yw.cwe|ragaerc.bob Eastern WY College contact for login to WY Algebra Blackboard
Kira Heater ude.yw.cccl|retaehk#ude.yw.cccl|retaehk Laramie County Community College
Elaine Parks ude.yw.cccl|skraPE#ude.yw.cccl|skraPE Laramie County Community College
David Anton ude.oywu|notnad#ude.oywu|notnad University of Wyoming ex-officio
Lynne Ipina ude.oywu|anipi#ude.oywu|anipi University of Wyoming Treasurer: WYMATYC & WCTM
Jon Prewett ude.oywu|ttewerpj#ude.oywu|ttewerpj University of Wyoming ex-officio
Bryan Shader ude.oywu|redahsb#ude.oywu|redahsb University of Wyoming ex-officio
John Spitler ude.oywu|reltips#ude.oywu|reltips University of Wyoming ex-officio & Secretary WYMATYC

2. The year of Algebra —- Program Description

This project was inspired by the convergence of a variety of events. They include the work of AMATYC's The Right Stuff, the recent articulation successes between Wyoming colleges and high schools under the auspices of the WY P-16 Council, the MAA's release of Report on the Status of K16 Algebra Instruction, and the release of AMATYC's Beyond Crossroads (BC) document. Those who have participated in Wyoming's HS task development for BOE — Body of Evidence — may recognize the steps in our first project. In this case we are guided by the content of the Right Stuff and the Assessment Cycle from BC.


The specific short-term goals of the project evolve around this cycle.

1. Design a task that has multiple entry points and presents an engaging challenge for students at different levels in their education.
2. After gathering some student data on own campuses, complete with rubric that reflects our combined experience and the work.
4. Continue refining this first assessment task using the implementation cycle outlined in BC.
5. Have a work session in September to establish the rubric, a baseline of data, and to make plans for data to be collected Fall 2008.
6. Make plans for more tasks and the comparison of results at the February 2009 annual meeting, this year being hosted by Casper College.

3. Team Documents.

Our first document is the task that was designed from one found among the Right Stuff activities. Our reasons for this choice include the thought that it would be engaging and provide the sort of challenge we wanted. It's said that Assessment drives Instruction, and we hope that our Assessment tasks will do just that. In this case, we hope to communicate the importance of using data and technology to support and strengthen algebra.

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