Wyoming Project Notes

1. Assess function concepts
a. Domain/range/independent/dependent/visualize
b. Identify appropriate model(s) for data
c. Evaluate functions to make predictions (interpolate and extrapolate)
d. Use the rule of four (graphical algebraic numerical, , and verbal)
e. Communicate mathematically
2. Work together as single departments and as a state-wide assessment

1. Use mph/mpg data from Right Stuff Project listed below. (Talk about units on each – what do they mean?)
Level One: Introduce after (0920 or 0930) initial linear equations/functions and create rubric for this level of achievement.
Level Two: Introduce at end of family of functions in Math 1400 or 1450. Create second rubric for this level that could be used in review part of 2200.
2. Questions (remain the same for level one and two with different outcomes)
a) Graphical:
i) Plot the data
ii) Identify the independent (domain/input) and dependent (range/output) variables – explain your choices (verbal)
b) Algebraic:
i) Use a linear function to model the data (Level One)
ii) Find the best fit from family of functions (Level Two and Calc I review) and explain your choice(s) (verbal)
c) Numerical: Find the following and make some comments
i) Use the model to predict the MPG if the speed is 0 mph
ii) Use the model to predict the MPG if the speed is 100 mph
iii) Use model to predict MPH when mpg is 0 mpg
iv) Use model to predict MPH when mpg is 100 mpg
v) Find f(15), interpret your answer (this could be interesting regardless of domain/range choices)
vi) Find f(x) = 15. What does this mean? (again, this could be interesting regardless of domain/range choices)
vii) Joey is getting 28 MPG, what is Joey’s average speed? (Change language to see if connections are being made – discussion of what “average” means?)
d) Is the linear model appropriate? (Level one: does this model predict these points at the end and beginning? Level two: what choices do we have that would account for the beginning and end behaviors?)
e) Verbal: Write a paragraph to describe the process you used. (Levels one and two) Justify your choice of model (Level two only)

3. Need to create rubric – check mark rubric – Use this data as review for 2200 and assess/tweak in fall 2008
4. Make sure we document our process - instructor check list here.

Implement (fall 2008 and spring 2009?)
1. Since this is labeled as an assessment, this is to be used at the end of this topic.
2. HOW it is implemented will be left up to the individual instructor. Options should include and must be documented:
a. As Individuals or in a Group format
b. In class or out of class assignment
c. Timing – before exam or afterwards
d. Graph paper vs. Calculator or combination
e. White board or typed (casual presentation or more formal)

Three more topics in assessment cycle that will be addressed in Feb, 09, Casper, WY

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